Mission Statement

LAR Learning is specialized program to provide services for school age students with disabilities. Our professional staff will provide services according to the child’s skills while working towards our students’ goals. Our program provides the opportunity for every child to achieve individual goals and to recognize personal success. LAR Learning staff will coordinate with classroom teachers, therapists and parents Individual Educational Plan (IEP). We pride ourselves in building confidence and to provide a comprehensive service that will guarantee guidance and hands-on support.

Our Approach

Initially, a multidisciplinary evaluation conducted by the BOE will assess and determine the student’s eligibility along with the strengths and weakness to determine individualized goals.

We recognize that children are not the only ones affected when they are struggling in school… the entire family feels frustrated. For this reason, we provide parents with information they need to help them help their child as well as ongoing progress reports to determine whether the individualized education plan goals were met.

Our Professional Staff

LAR Learning’s staff is bound by high standards of quality service. Teachers and therapists recognize every child’s unique qualities and differing needs. Our staff is trained to achieve the best possible outcome for each child.

We work with BCBA’s, Reading Specialists and Certified Special Educations to fit the needs of each individual student.

When Services Are Necessary

Some common signs that children need special education teacher support services in the regular education setting include:

  • A teacher recommends the need
  • Failing Grades
  • Poor Reading Skills
  • Increased difficulty with math and problem solving abilities
  • Incomplete homework assignments
  • Poor academic motivation or loss of interest in school work
  • Increased anxiety or acting out behaviors

Our Service

LAR Learning services children enrolled in the pre-k, elementary and high school general education setting, SETSS, and related service for children, ages 5-21. Students may be serviced in their school, which fosters open communication between the parent, SETSS provider and classroom personnel. Students may wish to be serviced after school at their home.